Digital Humans Helping Healthcare

Digital Humans Helping Healthcare

Articifical Intelligence

What is AI?  AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.  Does that sound scary to you?  It did to me the first time I heard it.  An avatar…digital humans…sounds like something out of a movie.  But what if digital humans could do more than an acting job?  What if it could change the face of healthcare and give more access to healthcare tools?  What if digital humans could give the patient peace of mind that no one would judge them?  Most importantly, what if digital humans could free up a nurse from the easier, day-to-day questions and free him/her up to answer the patient specific, harder questions in the clinic setting?

A company by the name of UneeQ understands all of this and more.  Currently, UneeQ is developing a digital human known as Cardiac Coach.  UneeQ’s Cardiac Coach can allow patients to get information, day or night.  Information including medications, diet and other topics while freeing up nurses and doctors to focus on high-priority needs.  Click here for more information about UneeQ’s Cardiac Coach

Speech meets Digital Humans

As a speech therapist, my next question was, “Wait, can we make a digital human that can help a speech therapist in therapy?” Any speech therapist who has spent a day in the schools knows this need!  It would only be the beginning of an amazing support to all speech therapists.  And what if this digital human could speak multiple languages to help bilingual patients when there is not a bilingual therapist available?  The bilingual digital human could augment the speech therapist who is monolingual.  What a world we could open up with the help of a company like UneeQ!

So, before you make your decision about AI, take a look at UneeQ and see how they are changing the world!  To learn more about our speech therapists, check out Across Health Home Care here!